Answer for Push Streaming Issue on Akamai Entrypoint

stussi wrote:
Hi all, I always succesfully use Evostream to push a local rtmp stream to an akamai entrypoint using this kind of command: pushStream uri=rtmp:// localStreamname=test targetStreamName=testakamai_1_1@11111 keepAlive=1 emulateUserAgent=FMLE/3.0 (compatible; FMSc/1.0)}") Today this kind of command doesn’t work but we don’t see any issues in our infrastructure or in akamai entrypoint. This last command (but with correct akamai’s credentials) worked fine until last month. Can you help me? Attached there is a evostream log of this issue.
Hello, Just a follow-up question. You said that for today, this kind of command does not work anymore. I would just like to know if by "does not work" you mean that you cannot play the pushed stream, or the command responds with a fail status in the EMS API?


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