Answer for Push URL Fail

i think there’s no [Enter] at this API command or parameters. you can see the code : /* Set Transcode Setting */ $transcode_setting = "transcode source=rtmp://".$name; $transcode_setting .= " audioBitrates=".$audiobitrate; $transcode_setting .= " videoBitrates=".$videobitrate; $transcode_setting .= " videoSizes=".$videoresolution; $transcode_setting .= " destinations=".$videoname; /* Convert Transcode Setting into base64_encode() */ $params = base64_encode($transcode_setting); /* Add Transcode Setting into Transcode */ $transcode_params = array( ‘params’ => $params ); $curl->get(‘’,$transcode_params); can i get the "standard" value for transcode parameter? i mean, for 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. i want the standard setting (audio bitrate, video bitrate, video size, etc) so it won’t gimme another error anymore.


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