Answer for Push URL Fail

Hi, Someone wrote:
source=rtmp:// videoBitrates=517k,1033k audioBitrates=192k videoSizes=480×320,640×480 destinations=test1errorori,test1error6k,test1error3k
It seems you are trying to use the Transcode API of the EMS to transcode an input stream to 2 output streams that are fed or pushed into the EMS. Can you try the following command?
transcode source=rtmp:// groupName=group audioBitrates=192k,192k videoBitrates=517k,1033k videoSizes=480x320,640x480 destinations=test1error517k,test1error1033k
IMPORTANT: If you have 2 output streams, you should provide 2 bitrates for video, 2 bitrates for audio, 2 video sizes, and 2 destination stream names. The sequence of comma-separated values should be in matching order between different parameters. For more details, please refer to our online document on the Transcode API command here: … #transcode Cheers, Don #transcode


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