Answer for PushIn Setup on EMS

I’m attempting to continue on where Lance left off and am having difficulty pushing the ingested RTMP stream to an MPEG-TS multicast address. I get:
/thelib/src/streaming/baseoutstream.cpp:640 Invalid buffer size
errors repeatedly in the logs, and nothing is coming out on that multicast address. Here is the output from listConfig:
{"data":{"hds":[],"hls":[],"process":[],"pull":[],"push":[{"configId":1,"emulateUserAgent":"","forceTcp":false,"httpProxy":"","keepAlive":true,"localStreamName":"maketv","operationType":2,"pageUrl":"","rtmpAbsoluteTimestamps":false,"status":{"current":{"code":0,"description":"Streaming","timestamp":1374000055,"uniqueStreamId":3},"previous":{"code":3,"description":"Connected","timestamp":1374000055,"uniqueStreamId":0}},"swfUrl":"","targetStreamName":"maketv","targetStreamType":"live","targetUri":"mpegtsudp://","tcUrl":"","tos":0,"ttl":0}],"record":[]},"description":"Run-time configuration","status":"SUCCESS"}
The setup is the following:
    users.lua has the credentials for the RTMP stream has the RTMP URI specified
    When the stream is made live I can see the pushstream command in the logs, and the stream is registered with the application
    I immediately see "/thelib/src/streaming/baseoutstream.cpp:319 Incorrect buffer size", followed by repeated "Invalid buffer size" errors in the logs
Any help would be appreciated.


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