Answer for Record command not saving files at server

dmishra wrote:
Hi, my live streaming url is : rmtp://myipaddress/live/streamname It is playing in flash player while live streaming happen. But when we try to pull and record stream, it doesn’t save file in media folder. I have checked the permission on media folder and it has write permission. see steps below: pullStream uri=rtmp:// localStreamName=RTMPTest Then record localstreamname=RTMPTest pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media/ type=mp4 But it doesn’t save/record any files in media folder. can you please explain. Earlier i have tested with VOD and recording worked file. Thanks
Try this for your record command.. record localstreamname=RTMPTest pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media/anyfilename type=mp4 pathtofile works in a way that the extension name seen in type parameter will be appended to the string value seen in the pathtofile parameter.. So in this case… your recorded segment file will be anyfilename.mp4 which will be stored in /var/evostreamms/media


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