Answer for Record with EvoStream on EC2 Instance (Failure)

murray123 wrote:
On AWS EC2 I used this command [record localstreamname=TestStream1 pathtofile=/var/evostreams/media type=mp4] and got the attached response. Please advise the exact command I need to playback on VLC. I think it should be [rtmp://] but this doesn’t work.
Hello, Double check if your media folder in the config.lua is the same with the one indicated in the pathtofile parameter in your record command. If yes, take note of the filename which are supposed to have been generated by the record command API. If there is a file generated through record command, then your recording is successful. Next step, since you now have your mp4 files made through record, you can now play them by doing this.. [rtmp://] Check if this works.


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