Answer for Record with EvoStream on EC2 Instance (Failure)

murray123 wrote:
Hi, Good news I have vod all working now. The correct record command is > [record localstreamname=TestStream2 pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media/TestStream2 type=mp4] So vod is now working with either: rtmp://ec2-52-64-89-149.ap-southeast-2. … tream2.mp4 or rtmp://ec2-52-64-89-149.ap-southeast-2. … tream2.mp4 By the way the .mp4 file only completes when I stop & start the server. Is there a way of completing the .mp4 file automatically without stopping the server. For example every 5 minutes?? Thanks for all your help……………Murray
As what I’ve said in the other thread, in order to stop recording (which also would mean that the .mp4 file would be completed) is the remove its record config or remove/shutdown the source stream. As for your intent to record every 5 mins (are you saying that you want to record mp4 files of 5 min length?.. if yes..), you can use the chunkLength parameter in the record API command.


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