Answer for Record with EvoStream on EC2 Instance (Failure)

Hi, For the EC2 machine you are saying I need to include the actual file name [recorded.mp4] as shown in the record command ……….. record localstreamname=TestStream1 pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media/recorded.mp4 type=mp4 But in my other post using my my local PC you say I shouldn’t include the actual file name but only the path as shown in the record command…………. record localstreamname=Stream1 pathtofile=C:EvoStreammedia type=mp4 What is the rule for whether [recorded.mp4] file is included or not? Where/how do I check whether /var/evostreamms/media has write permission. I assume it has the correct permissions because it was automatically installed by Evo on Amazon’s EC2 instance as an App. Thanks………………..Murray


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