Answer for Record with EvoStream on EC2 Instance (Failure)

Hi Xai, I’ve had some success. Please find attached First output from List command before giving 0775 permission. Then I issued [record localstreamname=TestStream1 pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media type=mp4] with success. See Telnet output attached. Then I issued List command a Second time. Please see Second Output from List command attached. I assume these are the recorded .mp4 files that I can see. Now I want to play these recorded files. I have tried using VLC as follows: rtmp://ec2-52-64-89-149.ap-southeast-2. … estStream1 rtmp://ec2-52-64-89-149.ap-southeast-2. … tream1.mp4 Neither of these work. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks…………..Murray


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