Answer for Recording video for specific time period

Hi, Please see my comments below each step you mentioned: Someone wrote:
Step 1 : User seeing video from EVO server in video player
The pullstream command in the EMS API (thru Telnet or HTTP CLI) can be used to pull an external stream to EMS. Alternatively, you can use an external device to push a stream to EMS. You can then use media players such as JWPlayer or FlowPlayer to play an EMS stream. Someone wrote:
Step 2 : User will click on start recoding button and recording should start now from the elapsed time.
You can use the record command in the EMS API to start recording. Someone wrote:
Step 3: User will click on stop recording button and now recoding should stop at clicked time.
You can use the shutdownstream command in the EMS API to cut the source stream. Recording will stop when the source stream is disconnected. For details, please check the following EMS documents on our website: … ser-guide/ … ion-guide/ Cheers, Don #pullstream #record #shutdownstream #emsdocuments


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