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techq wrote:
Hello. We have some questions about video recording in EMS. 1. Example: we are recording live video stream with command "record … type=flv chunkLength=60". Is it possible to join adjacent video chunks in one piece by means of EMS (and to save it in a file or send it over network with one of the supported protocols)? We need this functionality for implementation of video archive playback thru player on web-site. 2. We have recorded .FLV video files with command "record … waitForIDR=1". We opened every chunk (including very first) in video player and have noticed that there were gray frames with some thin object contours and artifacts. After a few seconds of playback video quality becomes normal. We suppose that video quality degradation were caused by EMS: it starts recording from random frame type instead of IDR despite the "waitForIDR=1" option. How can we fix this issue? 3. We have tried to enable metafile recording by specifying "metaFolder" and other related options in config.lua. But metafiles have not been written, although we have set correct folder permissions. Here is our config.lua part for video recording: mediaStorage = { recordedStreamsStorage="/var/evostreamms/media", { description="Default media storage", mediaFolder="/var/evostreamms/media", metaFolder="/var/evostreamms/media", enableStats=true, clientSideBuffer=15, keyframeSeek=true, }, How can we enable metafiles recording? What type of info these files contain? 4. What will do EMS if incoming video stream would be externally interrupted (in case of network failure, for example) during recording? Will interrupted chunk be continued after stream restoring or EMS will start another chunk?
1.) If you’re asking for an EMS solution which can do that, but sorry no. But you can use ffmpeg to do that. 2.) Can we ask about your source? Is it based on the same network or distant server? Through UDP? How about with other file types aside from FLV? 3.) .meta and .seek folders which are needed for playback are created in the metafolder. These are created when you try to play a vod file which is usually stored in your media folder. 4.) If stream gets disconnected, recording will stop and will resume when network goes back (assuming it goes back within the keepAlive timer) and write in a new chunk.


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