Answer for RTMPS with openssl

Thank you, we are using VLC for rtsp and rtmp playback and ffplay for rtmps playback (vlc doesn’t seem to work with secure rtmp , does it?) i’ve tryed direct pull with rtmps from a live ip-cam and it’s working, i reduced caching to 0 bytes as we demand minimum delay, however this doesn’t seem to work for vod. to sum up, working configurations: rtsp://serverip:5544/vod/camlivestream.vod –> working rtmp://serverip:1935/live/camlivestream –> working rtmps://serverip:1935/live/camlivestream –> working rtmp://serverip:1935/vod/test.mp4–> working rtmp://serverip:1935/vod/test.lst–> working whereas : rtmp://serverip:1935/vod/camlivestream.vod –> not working rtmps://serverip:1935/vod/camlivestream.vod –> not working with error log signaling at lines: basertmpprotocol.cpp – 1057: unable to send rtmp message to application (RTMP), basesslprotocol.cpp – 167: unable to signal near protocol for new data (SSL) tcpcarrier.cpp – 92: unable to read data from connection (adresses of client and server) – (TCP, ISSL) signalling upper protocol failed please get back asap, thank you


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