Answer for RTMPS with openssl

It’s a problem with windows path specification, i solved it specifying the path with "\" instead of "/" format. so one correct url in my case becomes: rtmps://serverip:4443/vod/cameras\cam_160\cam_160_0.vod, also rtmps://serverip:4443/vod/camerascam_160cam_160_0.vod is working (with just one backslash). also i saved the default media folder path as "..\media\" instead of ""../media. i guess there’s a more gentle backslashing sequence : ) but to be WIN-safe. i think you should handle that with your "url parser", so that users could specify just with / even on a windows machine (as it’s standard for url and uri), should have the same behaviour on windows and linux, given the same url in whatever api-call command. if you could "fix" that for windows users that would be good. thank you. great it’s working now


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