Answer for RTMPS with openssl

Hello, If i understand right, you have RTMPS setup, and are able to stream local live streams and VOD files (mp4 files) with it. But when you try to play a Lazy Pull stream (.vod file) it is failing? I’m assuming you have tried, but if you first do a pullStream on that same source, and then do a playback with RTMPS, is that working? In regards to your forceTCP quesiton, no you definitely do not need to keep that as the default of 1 (true). Some cameras are unable to do TCP and will also not try to coerce to UDP, they will simply fail the connection. If you are having trouble you can certainly change forceTCP to false and see if that fixes the issue. Often you will see an error on the EMS side showing a 461 response error. The 461 response from the camera is indicative of an unsupported transport. If the RTMPS playback is working fine if you first do a pullstream on the EMS, could you tell me what player you are using? Could you also send me the logs from the EMS during a failed Lazy Pull try. Thanks, Bryan


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