Answer for rtsp and vlc

Hi, Another thing that may impact the good functioning is the final transport of A/V frames. It can either be TCP or UDP. We can have the following combinations: The RTSP protocol used to negotiate the RTP transport: 1. RTSP over TCP 2. RTSP over HTTP (which is obviously over TCP) The negotiated RTP can have one of the following 2 forms: 1. RTP over UDP 2. RTP over RTSP When you combine this, the RTP protocol (which is transporting the real A/V) will have the following grid of possibilities: 1. RTP over UDP 2. RTP over RTSP over TCP 3. RTP over RTSP over HTTP over TCP The most reliable transports are, of course, the ones ending over TCP (#2 and #3). However, that could (not necessarily a rule) induce some delays. UDP is snappier, but on large frames which will need fragmentation (HD video), will result in either some minor packet loses, or sever packet loses. That is the theory. In practice, we will dig deeper into the problem and see if this is a real EMS issue or just a flaky connection issue Best regards, Andrei


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