Answer for RTSP not working after HLS stream aliasing mechanism

bryan wrote:
hello, You have turned on aliasing for both "live streams" (rtmp, rtsp) and "HTTP streams" (HLS, DASH, etc). The aliasing for live streams is "streamAlias" and the aliasing for http streams is "groupNameAlias". The mechanisms are similar but are separate and do not have to be used together. If you don’t want to use aliasing for RTSP you do not have to, and you can set hasStreamAliases=false in config.lua. For RTSP to work with streamAliasing on, you will have to make the addStreamAlias API call to create your aliases prior to the player making the request. This process is identical to what you are doing with HLS for groupNameAliases, just a slightly different call. Bryan
I turned of streamAliasing as well, and only kept groupname aliasing to true, however it’s(rtsp is) still not working.


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