Answer for RTSP not working after HLS stream aliasing mechanism

rjimenez wrote:
Hello, We have tried replicating this kind of scenario in adding stream aliases recently, but we encountered no problems at all. Having that said, could you elaborate/enumerate the exact steps you did in your scenario so that we could know how to replicate your scenario if it is indeed a problem from our side?
Sure But before that, I would like to know you few things. 1. I am in need of securing hls streams through alias. 2. I updated my config.lua file with below change Old: config.lua : hasStreamAliases=true Updated : 1. config.lua : hasStreamAliases=false as per the suggestion given by Bryan, as am in need of HLS aliasing mechanism only. Now coming to the steps for generating aliases are as below: 1. User comes to a server A’s Live Stream page. 2. Server A sends request to an API server B, which generates a random string. 3. Server B calls( or sends request to) http api of Evostream Media Server(on port 7777) for generating alias(alias will be a random string, generated from server B) and gets the response from Evostream Media Server. 4. Server B sends the generated alias as a response to call of Server A’s request. 5. The same alias is played in Server A’s JW player by placing URL as : http://EvostreamMediaServer:8888/generated_alias. I hope you are clear with the whole process now.


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