Answer for RTSP not working after HLS stream aliasing mechanism

paresh wrote:
rjimenez wrote:
Hello, We have tried replicating this kind of scenario in adding stream aliases recently, but we encountered no problems at all. Having that said, could you elaborate/enumerate the exact steps you did in your scenario so that we could know how to replicate your scenario if it is indeed a problem from our side?
Sure But before that, I would like to know you few things. 1. I am in need of securing hls streams through alias. 2. I updated my config.lua file with below change Old: config.lua : hasStreamAliases=true Updated : 1. config.lua : hasStreamAliases=false as per the suggestion given by Bryan, as am in need of HLS aliasing mechanism only. Now coming to the steps for generating aliases are as below: 1. User comes to a server A’s Live Stream page. 2. Server A sends request to an API server B, which generates a random string. 3. Server B calls( or sends request to) http api of Evostream Media Server(on port 7777) for generating alias(alias will be a random string, generated from server B) and gets the response from Evostream Media Server. 4. Server B sends the generated alias as a response to call of Server A’s request. 5. The same alias is played in Server A’s JW player by placing URL as : http://EvostreamMediaServer:8888/generated_alias. I hope you are clear with the whole process now.
Hello, Please do note that your HLS stream has its corresponding groupname. The alias involved in groupNameAlias has its corresponding groupName because it is the one being aliased. In your test steps, just to make sure the alias is generated properly, would it be possible for you to call the listGroupNameAliases command in server B after step 4, and see if the generated string is present in the groupNameAliases together with the correct corresponding groupName? If the said string (alias) together with the groupName is not present, then there must be something wrong in the alias generation. I would be curious as to how exactly this server A receives this string from server B, and how exactly this server B generates the alias with a random string.


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