Answer for security error

Hi eunaeng, Thank you for posting the history of your concern/issue. Have you tried serving the SWF file through a web server? To isolate cross domain issues, you can do the following: 1. Put the SWF in your web server’s webroot 2. Using a browser, request the SWF (e.g. -> the domain should match what is used in ‘confige.xml’. I think this should work for you since when I tried to use this setup, I haven’t encountered any issue. Here is a screenshot: Also, make sure that you fulfill the following requirements: 1. Your video source (IP camera or any other source) is either being pushed to EMS or pulled by EMS. 2. The stream name provided by your source should match the "file" name in your ‘confige.xml’. Hope this helps. Cheers, IC


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