Answer for security error

Hi eunaeng, Based on your reply, we can then definitely isolate it as an issue with cross domain on your adobe AIR setup. You might want to start on this: … -7e3f.html Specifically: Someone wrote:
The local-with-networking sandbox—When compiling a SWF file, you can specify that it has network access when run as a local file (see Setting the sandbox type of local SWF files).These files are placed in the local-with-networking sandbox. SWF files that are assigned to the local-with-networking sandbox forfeit their local file access. In return, the SWF files are allowed to access data from the network. However, a local-with-networking SWF file is still not allowed to read any network-derived data unless permissions are present for that action, through a URL policy file or a call to the Security.allowDomain() method. In order to grant such permission, a URL policy file must grant permission to all domains by using <allow-access-from domain="*"/> or by using Security.allowDomain("*").
Unfortunately, it is beyond our expertise. We do wish you luck on your project :)” /> Cheers, IC


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