Answer for setup of live streaming with transcoding on the fly

techq wrote:
How can I access transcoded stream as HLS stream (or even in plain RTMP)? In streaming folder I can see only files created for movie stream (/media/autoHLS/movie/movie.m3u8).
Hello, Assuming AutoHLS is enabled correctly, and transcode is really successful (which I can see in your pasted logs), your HLS is automatically created, and now, you may play your playlist file with an HLS player but before that you may need to change some of your settings in your config.lua. If for example you are using Apache as your web server (using Linux OS): You must change the targetFolder parameter of autoHLS field in your config.lua. So if your webroot is /var/www.. I will put another folder hls in it and use it as storage of my autoHLS files.   autoHLS= {   targetFolder=”/var/www/hls”, groupName="autohls" } For master playlist: http://localhost/hls/autohls/(name of master playlist file).m3u8 For child playlist: https://localhost/hls/autohls/(localstreamname of your transcoded stream)/(name of child playlist file).m3u8


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