Answer for Step by step

Hi, You need to pull a stream first. For example:
pullStream uri=rtmp://localhost/live/TEST.mp4 localStreamName=test keepAlive=0
where TEST.mp4 is the file to be streamed. Then you can create an HLS stream from the input stream. For example:
createhlsstream localstreamnames=test targetfolder=/var/www groupname=hls playlisttype=rolling
assuming your web root is at /var/www. During or after HLS creation, you can watch it on your iOS device. For example, browse the link:
where IPADDRESS is the IP address of your web server. If you want to have multiple bitrates, you can use the transcode command instead of the pullStream command to create input streams for HLS creation at different bitrates. Please refer to the transcode command in the EMS API Definition and EMS User Guide: Cheers, Don


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