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OK don’t worry I figured it out. I was confused by the fact that the documentation talks about needing php for the webservices where I am working with nodejs. I was thinking I was going to have to set up a php server just for recieving and sending webservice/api commands but obviously this wasn’t the case: For anyone else who is in a similar situation: I just changed the eventlogger part of the config.lua file so the eventlogger url which points to "http://localhost/evowebservices/evowebservices.php" points to an additional server I set up in nodejs which listens for the web service event calls "http://localhost:3001/emsnotifications". I think this means I will lose some of the features of the webservices which have been written specifically in php but I can live with that for now. It was just the events I was interested it to begin with.


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