Answer for Stream generated by EvoStream corrupted after 24 hours

Hi, We’ve been testing on our side and cant replicate your scenario. Using your streams we get periodic disconnects and have not been able to get a full 24 hour test in. Here are the findings in the few hours we could test: 1.) Stream is already having artifacts even without the use of EMS with just playback via VLC. Same quality is seen when it is pulled with EMS and played it back using VLC. 2.) A few back timestamp errors were seen, but they were pretty rare/infrequent. When creating a ts stream from either the EMS or VLC, we do not see any back timestamp errors or quality degradation. We also analyzed what happens in the video workflow when the backtimestamp errors are shown. Essentially there is very little impact, other than the printing of that message and the updating of an integer variable. It is possible that timestamps are not the root problem here at all, but that there is something else going on. Could you perhaps try an experiment whereby you are generating your ts for 24+ hours and are playing it back on VLC while also pulling with EMS and playing a stream coming from the EMS? That way you could compare the two feeds directly. Thanks, Bryan


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