Answer for stream video files

Hi, You can’t upload a media file using the Web UI. You need to use OS commands to upload your file to the server where EMS is installed. The media folder location is defined in the EMS configuration file, config.lua. Make sure you put your media files at the defined location. For example, for Linux, the default EMS configuration file is "/etc/evostreamms/config.lua". Under applications > rootDirectory > mediaStorage, the setting mediaFolder has a default value of "/var/evostreamms/media". Copy your media file to "/var/evostreamms/media" so that you can play it using the URI "rtmp://myIpAddress/live/myMediaFile.mp4". Replace myIpAddress with your EMS server’s IP address. Replace myMediaFile.mp4 with the file name of your media file. (Note: You can also modify the setting mediaFolder to a location of your choice. Restart the EMS after modifying config.lua.) Cheers, Don


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