Answer for Support new license

Hi, Please install/configure a web server on your machine. Here’s one of many links for doing that on CentOS: Assuming you have EMS running already, you can use Telnet to send commands to it. Use pullstream command to pull a stream to EMS, then use createhlsstream command to create HLS files on your web server. The HLS files can then be played on a desktop or mobile device. Content can be secured using stream aliases as well as user authentication thru the web server. Please refer to the EMS documentation found here: The Quick Start Guide can get you started. The Media Server User Guide provides examples and procedures to do what you want with EMS. Besides a command-line interface thru Telnet, you can also use the EMS Web UI to control the EMS thru a web browser. Please refer to the Web UI User Guide for details. In either case, don’t forget to install the EMS license as described in the documentation before firing up the EMS. Cheers, Don


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