Answer for Technical EMS Feature

techq wrote:
I am about to run some online courses and I am planning a way to not be leaked over internet. So I came to seek some media stream servers that allow me to customize the streaming at this point: 1. I need to stream content on demand, i.e. when a registered user want to see video FOO from the course BAR, I will stream it if the user have access right 2. So, I need to watermark this video, because it will be recorded/rendered without any type of watermarks 3. The watermark need to be dynamic for each user/connection that starts the streaming, i.e. when the user starts to play a video, I want to put his/her name, address, personal data, etc. over the video as an overlay 4. This overlay can’t be static on the video, otherwise it can easily be cropped from a ripped video streaming So, can I accomplish this with EMS? Can I put a watermark that bounces on the screen and have the specific user personal data? Have API, plug-ins, some way to accomplish that? Programming isn’t a problem at all, doesn’t matter the language (looks like you use C++, so, we are at home) I don’t wanna to be ripped and distributed over the internet, that’s why I need this. With personal data, if something leaks, I can go to court
Hello, You can definitely create a watermark for your stream, you can use transcode command[/color]. But you have to encode the information of your specific user by maybe using a SCRIPT/PROGRAM YOU CREATED to create your customized watermark every time a user gives his information. See transcode command in the documentation.


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