Answer for Transcode on the fly and move cursor on the timeline

Baptiste wrote:
Hi, I need to check if EvoStream can do what i need. I need to transcode on the fly an mp4 stored on the linux platform who EMS is, apply a watermark logo and play on Jwplayer (or someother). But it can’t be a live stream. I need to forward, pause, stop, replay, backward when i want. My transcode working with that api call :
source=rtsp:// groupName=group videoBitrates=800k overlays=/var/evostreamms/media/logo_beta.png destinations=test keepalive=1
But its a Live stream… Not possible de seek time. Do you know if it possible ? Maybe use other protocols HLS,HDS ? There is a solution to source directly a file. Not an RTSP ? I read all the technical transcode guide, but the command failing :
  source=file://C:videostest.mp4 groupName=group	videoBitrates=100k audioBitrates=copy	
Maybe the destination is not set… Help would be appreciate, to validate EvoStream capabilities. B
Hello, Once you produce your livestream using transcode. You have destination as your localstreamname, and then, you can use record API command, it will create files which you need so that you could play, seek, pause, etc. and/or you can also use createHlsStream command.


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