Answer for Transcoding Issue

Hi, If you want to create streams with different video bit rates you can use
transcode source=rtsp://<stream name> groupName=group videoBitRates=100k,200k,300k
    destinations=stream100,stream200,stream300 keepAlive=1
The call above in effect pulls the source (so we do not have to use a separate pullstream), creates a live flv, and then creates three streams stream100, stream200 and stream300, respectively. The vbr is associated with the stream in the order they are defined. Then you can push the the streams defined above to rtmp:// By the way, not passing the videoBitRates as you did below means no video.
transcode source=local groupName=group audioBitrates=copy audioChannelsCounts=1 destinations=rtmp:// targetStreamNames=c054
Let me know if this resolves the issue.


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