Answer for UDP multicast

Hi, You can create an MPEG-TS UDP Multicast stream from a pseudo-VOD stream using the following sequence: 1) pullstream uri=rtsp://localhost:5544/vod/testFile.mp4 localstreamname=TestMulticast 2) pushstream uri=mpegtsudp:// localstreamname=TestMulticast The destination address for the pushstream URI should be in the multicast address range. The codec/bitrate settings you mentioned are configured in the encoder that creates the files being pulled. If you require transcoding, there is a Transcode API command in the EMS. Please refer to the following documents for additional info: Pseudo-VOD section of the EMS User Guide … #PseudoVOD PushStream section of the EMS API Definition Guide … pushStream Transcoding section of the EMS User Guide & API Definitions … ranscoding … #transcode Cheers, Don


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