Answer for UDP stream interrupts + EMS reboot

Thanks for your fast reply. Here is the logfile (using log level 6). Evostream is running on a RaspberryPi (Model B). Some key points when I did which operation: – 1440072667:3::0 –> pull stream (using command above without forceTcp parameter) – 1440072726:2::0 –> start streaming using VLC – 1440072808:0::0 –> stop streaming using VLC The pullstream returned the following message:

    "data": {
        "audioCodecBytes": "", 
        "configId": 1, 
        "emulateUserAgent": "EvoStream Media Server ( player", 
        "forceTcp": true, 
        "httpProxy": "", 
        "isAudio": true, 
        "keepAlive": true, 
        "localStreamName": "test", 
        "operationType": 1, 
        "pageUrl": "", 
        "ppsBytes": "", 
        "rangeEnd": -1, 
        "rangeStart": -2, 
        "rtcpDetectionInterval": 10, 
        "sendRenewStream": false, 
        "spsBytes": "", 
        "ssmIp": "", 
        "swfUrl": "", 
        "tcUrl": "", 
        "tos": 256, 
        "ttl": 256, 
        "uri": {
            "document": "stream_1", 
            "documentPath": "/MediaInput/h264/", 
            "documentWithFullParameters": "stream_1", 
            "fullDocumentPath": "/MediaInput/h264/stream_1", 
            "fullDocumentPathWithParameters": "/MediaInput/h264/stream_1", 
            "fullParameters": "", 
            "fullUri": "rtsp://", 
            "fullUriWithAuth": "rtsp://", 
            "host": "", 
            "ip": "", 
            "originalUri": "rtsp://", 
            "parameters": {}, 
            "password": "", 
            "port": 554, 
            "portSpecified": false, 
            "scheme": "rtsp", 
            "userName": ""
    "description": "Stream rtsp:// enqueued for pulling", 
    "status": "SUCCESS"


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