Answer for unicast UDP stream not working

Hi, Someone wrote:
Additionally, after this support request, I found another (more serious) issue: I have a Flash movie on the PC publishing a RTMP stream (a webcam widget, let’s call it). This RTMP is H264 video with Speex audio (Flash doesn’t support AAC). This means that the audio is trimmed at the source, which means I can’t even try to transcode it to AAC in the Evostream server… Is there a solution for this? Some way to “pre-transcode”? I looked at the transcode API, but it doesn’t seem to be able to do what I require, since the audio is already gone when the transcode module acts… Also thought about using evo-avconv, but that one doesn’t seem to be able to work with streams published by Flash (only by pulling, which doesn’t suit my needs)… Any ideas on this?
You don’t need to use the pullstream command to transcode an input stream. Simply use the URI of your source stream as input to the transcode command. The output of the transcoder gets pushed to EMS as LiveFLV with H.264 video and AAC audio. Cheers, Don


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