Answer for Use Streaming log with third party software analyzer

Someone wrote:
1.Log file from stream, can it be used by CasterStats?
No, our logs are specific to the EvoStream Media Server. If you are looking for statistics on the performance of your server, you will be better served by listening to the Event Notifications which are most interesting to you. Someone wrote:
2. I still got difficult time config web service in order to check real-time state. Could you please help point to the configuration guide?
You can certainly use our web services as a starting point and/or example to help you get started: … 0Guide.pdf Someone wrote:
3.Can I use transcode function to transcode 4 incoming stream to Mosaic image (2×2) 1 streams?
Yes and no. Our transcoder can create a Mosaic for you, but you cannot use the transcode command to do so. To use more advanced features of the avconv transcoder, you will need to make the call directly using the EMS LaunchProcess command. A brief example of this would be: LaunchProcess fullBinaryPath=/home/ems/evo-avconv arguments=arguments=-re -i rtmp:// -vf "movie=/tmp/Watermark.png [wm];[in][wm] overlay=0:main_h-overlay_h [out]" -f flv -metadata streamName=test3 tcp:// This particular example takes the stream test2 and creates an image overlay on top of it. It then passes the stream back to the EMS with the name test3. To see how to use the transcoder to create a mosaic image out of multiple streams, you can see this tutorial: … t%20videos Bryan


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