Answer for utilization of EvoStream with AWS

It certainly is a fun project, but it’s also a lot more than that. We are backed up by serious angels and producers in hope to turn this now maybe narrow venture, into something big. I’m interested in a bit more specifics regarding technical aspects. I of course understand the general concept, but the architecture enabling this exact redundancy and scalability you’re talking about is what I seek to understand. For instance, what would be the flow of a single stream from the camera to the end-unit (which is an arbitrary client’s computer) given heavy viewing traffic demand? The first obvious step would be the camera pushing the stream to EMS running on AWS. From here on, what are the possibilities? – What happens if there is too much traffic on the one instance of EMS receiving the data? – What are the core API functions that allow scaling? If these questions have answers in documentation I’d appreciate a reference. Also, as you said several clients of yours operate similarly, is it possible to elaborate on the operation method of the one clients with the most similar behavior to what we are asking to achieve? Thanks


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