Answer for verify swfUrl/pageUrl of incoming RTMP player connections

Someone wrote:
That alias name is going to be one-shot. That means that after is been used, is not good again.
Yes, that’s the problem. That means that if they click STOP and then play again, they will get a "stream doesn’t exist" message. That’s why i remarked that i’d have to write an elaborate JWPlayer plugin, to hook the Play button and have it AJAX the stream name, otherwise what i explained above would happen. Yes, i know that swfUrl/referrer verification isn’t 100% secure, but at least they CANNOT use my server on THEIR site. they can rtmpdump the stream, but then THEY’d have to host it themselves ! I’ve found a small crtmpserver modification that allows exactly this : But since evo server isn’t open source, i cannot do that here (i would have the configuration file just point to a txt file with allowed domains/referrers with wildcards, like the default FMS live app) And i obviously cannot use the open source crtmpserver because it’s not production ready, i can’t even compile it for windows (solution file out of date, missing include files, etc), and it would be missing all the event notification stuff It would be nice if the streamOut event notification contained swfUrl and pageUrl, so that we can do verification in the event handler at least, and if it’s bad, either return a non 200 OK response code (would require evo server to wait for a response), or just issue a RPC call to the server to disconnect that guy.


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