Answer for VOD Workaround

techq wrote:
We are currently still in the evaluation phase of different streaming applications. Unfortunately our focus is more on VOD than live-streaming and I have noticed that EvoStream lacks a clean solution for HLS and VOD. I only found a workaround which requires an RTMP inbound stream on a local VOD resource and an HLS outgoing stream on top of that. We then loose the functionality to jump back and forth in the HLS stream which is a very important feature for us. Is there any way to do HLS with VOD without this workaround?
Do this sequence of commands: createHlsStream localstreamnames=(put your localstreamname here) targetFolder=(your webroot) Note: By default playlistType=appending so you don’t have to put it here anymore, but it is important that you set your playlistType to appending so that your HLS creation will cover all of the chunks needed. pullstream uri=(put source uri here) localstreamname=(this will be the one put in localstreamnames) keepAlive=0 Just wait for the creation of the whole TS files (the whole duration of your inbound stream) to finish, then you will be able to view your creation after this (you can also jump back and forth in the HLS stream) because the TS files are already created.


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