Answer for WebRtc and video conferencing

Hi techq, Kindly see answers to your questions below: a. Is it possible to implement the above two using Evostream (referring to webRTC)? WebRTC support is an on-going effort and would be probably included on the next release. b. Can I have multiple streams broadcast @ the same time ? Yes, using EMS you can have multiple streams accessible through their stream names that different clients can simultaneously pull. c. Can I use Javascript with your HTTP API’s to achieve this ? If yes, can you please share some examples. You can definitely create an AJAX request to pull streams from your source. Once these streams are available on EMS, your clients would be access these streams either through rtmp or rtsp. A great example would be the bundled EMS Web UI, as it shows the HTTP APIs in action. d. I know WebRTC, How can I push the stream that I capture using GUM to EvoStream Media Server and then pull it on a video tag src? EMS WebRTC is still being added to EMS. However, if you’ll use rtsp/rtmp/rtp protocols, you can push those streams to EMS and you can then pull it into a video tag’s src parameter (although it is still heavily dependent on the browser if it support such protocol). e. What is the minimal configuration needed to setup Evostream on Linux ? EMS has a small footprint and you can even run it on embedded devices. An amazon micro instance would be a good starting point and just scale it up as needed (depending on the number of connections you want to support). Just make sure that the OS you’re using is currently supported. Cheers, IC


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