Media Server Features

Media Server Features

The EvoStream Media Server is much more than a multi-format, multi-protocol server that delivers your media rich content across multiple screens and platforms.
Simply put, EvoStream is the most efficient and flexible streaming server available, delivering enterprise-strength and cost-lowering performance.

Media Streaming Features

Expand the reach of your content

Stream live, low-latency video to phones, tablets, browsers, set top boxes and cloud services like UStream and Akamai. The EvoStream Media Server supports HTML5 and the native video players for any device your customer might be using. Stream your live media anywhere.

Adaptive Bit-Rate Streaming

Create multiple resolutions of your media content and stream with adaptive bitrate streaming to iPhones, iPads, Androids, Silverlight players and more. The integrated EvoStream Transcoder is included at no extra charge!

Secure Streaming

Provide completely controlled selective access to your content with Stream Aliasing, encrypt your content with DRM and SSL encryption, or water-mark your content for easy identification.

Edge Transcoding

Reduce bandwidth and improve streaming to smaller screens. Encode legacy MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video as H.264 for universal accessibility. The EvoStream transcoder is included at No extra cost!

Networked DVR

Record your content in the cloud and provide easy and secured access to it later. Time shifting, pausing, seeking and archiving.

Premium Features

Our premium features (Transcoder, Drm, nDVR) and optional modules (Web based UI, Web-service integration framework) are all included. We have no hidden cost.

Extreme Efficiency

EvoStream puts quality and efficiency at the forefront when developing the EvoStream Media Server, giving you the ability to maximize your hardware and affording you the lowest possible cost per stream. Serve 30,000 clients with a simple Intel i5 based desktop! We challenge you to max out your server before saturating your network bandwidth! In comparison with the other leading Java based platforms the EvoStream Media Server handles 400% more clients per server!

Serves 500 more clients with 1/3 of the CPU
Serve up to 30,000 clients on this i5 Desktop

Easy Integration

Using the EvoStream API and EvoStream Web Services, the EvoStream Media Server can be easily integrated into any platform. Never be tied to a single programming language again!

  • Paywalls and Paid/Registered User accounts
  • Video Management Systems
  • Content Distribution Networks
  • High Volume media streaming services

Adaptive Bitrate

  • Full transcoder for creating lower bitrate streams
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for streaming to iPhones, iPads and Androids
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS) for Microsoft devices
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) for Adobe Air

Secure Content

Encryption and customizable access

Verimatrix DRM as well as Secured RTMP and RTSP provide a suite of robust security mechanisms against content piracy.
Stream Aliasing provides full contol over who has access to your content.

Unified Low Latency Streaming

The EvoStream Media Server unifies the various streaming protocols, removing the mystery and complexity of live streaming.

End to end low latency streaming means real-time delivery for real-time needs.

Deliver live streams via MPEG-TS, RTMP or RTSP with sub-second latency.

  • Adobe Flash RTMP, RTMPS, LiveFLV
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • RTSP with RTP or MPEG-TS
  • MPEG-TS (unicast/multicast)
  • Compatible Live Encoding
  • UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTP Proxy
  • MPEG-Ts

Cross Platform

Any Server

Built from the ground-up to be truly platform agnostic and capable of being delivered on virtually any operating system including embedded systems such as encoders, IP cameras, DVRs, and more!

Any Devices

RaspberryPi, Security Cameras, Android Devices, Set Top Boxes, Professional Routers.
Anything that runs some variant of embedded linux!
Supported processors/architectures include ARM, MIPS, ARTPEC and more!

Any Operating Systems

Linux (all distributions), BSD (Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.), Windows (Vista, 7, Server 2008+).
Learn More about Running the EvoStream Media Server:

  • On your Servers
  • In the Cloud
  • On your Devices



Whether serving a few users to hundreds of thousands, Evostream can meet your live and on-demand streaming needs through robust load-balancing allowing you to infinitely scale as needed while keeping your hardware and licensing costs at an absolute minimum.

On Servers

When using Intel (x86) processors, the EvoStream Media Server will handle 2,000 connections per CPU Core!

On Devices

Smallest Recommended: 400mHz ARM processor, 4MB RAM. Support at least 10 streams from embedded platforms!


Proven and tested under high-traffic environments and deployed worldwide by enterprise content publishers and service providers demanding maximum uptime and reliability.

Web-Based User Interface

Web-Based User Interface

While the User Interface is NOT needed to run the EvoStream Media Server, it can be a very useful tool for using your copy of the EvoStream Media Server!
The EvoStream Media Server Web-Based UI provides a simple PHP-based web interface which can be used to manage your copy of the EvoStream Media Server. It requires a full web server, such as Apache or NGinX, to be installed along with appropriate PHP5 and CURL modules..

Web Services Extensibility Framework

The EvoStream Media Server Web Services provide a set of features and a framework for extending the Evostream Media Server using the Evostream’s Run-time API and Event Notification system. Written in PHP, these Web Services can be used, modified and extended to provide all the functionality you need!


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