Free Trial Azure

Free Trial Azure

Developers, You Know the Challenges!

Developers, You Know the Challenges! Wether you need to Host your own Robust and Scalable Streaming Platform to Broadcast an Event, Stream Security Cameras in real time directly to HTML 5 Browsers, or Distribute your Content to YouTube Live, Facebook or Microsoft Azure Media Services, we have you covered!

The EvoStream Media Server (EMS) and its open API’s are deployable in any Devices, Appliances, and now Azure to provide End-to-End Live workflows, from Stream Origination to Transcoding and Scalable Low Latency HTML5 Delivery.

Sub-Second Latency to HTML5 Players

Tired of relying on Flash and the huge latency of HLS and DASH?

The EMS stream directly to Media Source Extension (MSE) enabled browsers. This includes Android, Chrome, Safari (OS X), Firefox and MS Edge. While Apple does not provide MSE in iOS yet, we even have our own solution to make it work.

HTML5 sub-second latency streaming can be done over a WebSocket in traditional server-client based streaming, or via our Peer to Peer connection in direct origin to client connection.

4X Better Server Efficiency

Live Streaming is resource intensive, and not all software are equals!

The EMS make the best of your platform resources to ingest and distribute your content by using available bandwidth all the way up to 10 Gbps, without saturating your server CPU and memory! This means less servers, less work, and less costs.

The EMS can also dramatically reduce your bandwidth requirements with Peer2Peer streaming. Your Camera Devices distribute directly your content to your viewers across any networks.

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