Other Streaming Devices

Other Streaming Devices

Smart Glasses

We see the explosion of smart glasses and a huge potential for live video streaming from these platforms. Peer to Peer live video sharing across Cellular networks using NAT traversal: Share low-latency live video with other mobile devices without the need for a central media server. Removes the bandwidth and infrastructure costs for doing personal broadcasts Edge streaming clusters: Create or leverage LAN to stream live to any connected device. Provide an immediate shared views with no prior infrastructure. Stream directly to traditional CDNs directly from device: Diversify the reach of the native streaming capabilities. Recording and playback of video directly from device: Record to a local storage and provide secured playback of the content.

EvoStream for Drones

Live streaming from drones has enormous implications on the user experience and the capabilities of drone platforms. Explore the possibilities for each of your customer groups:

Consumer Drones

  • Share the live stream with nearby friends for a shared view of the action. Friends can watch the video live on Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone. No additional app needed!
  • Stream live to UStream, Twitch.tv, LiveStream and more. Share your flight with the world!
  • As a drone producer, host live streaming services and events to help your customers set their content free!

Agricultural and Industrial Drones

  • Record in the cloud and replay later
  • Share live feed with in-the-field employees
  • Integrate with existing teleconferencing systems

Police and Military Drones

  • Leverage cell networks to pull live feedback to control center
  • Send streams to ONVIF based systems

Evostream for Video Encoders

Unleash the power of your encoders and decoders. Send video directly to any CDN for distribution, or reach clients directly. The EvoStream Media Server includes a fully-integrated software transcoder-adaptive bit rate at no extra cost to create multiple resolutions and/or bitrates of your source streams. Translate MPEG2, WebM, and other video types to H.264. Add watermarks and overlays to your videos. Encryption, Stream Aliasing, Ingest Points and DRM are robust mechanisms to secure your unique content in ways appropriate to your needs.

Evostream for Medical Devices

Use cases of Real Time video streaming in healthcare are simply booming. Stream live video remotely to support real-time collaboration and monitoring. Stream live, record and reviewing for education purposes. Our low latency, efficient and embedable technology can enable your medical devices to embrace that opportunity. Distribute video and audio to any screen, including iPhones, iPads, Androids, Set-Top-Boxes, All Web Browsers and more! Secure your content with Encryption, Stream Aliasing, Ingest Points and DRM. Easily integrate within the medical process applications with our standard based API. Robust mechanisms to secure your unique content in ways appropriate to your needs.

Evostream for Robots

Robots are anything and everything from toy to industrial machines. Live video streaming help robots to see and share the world around them. From human ubiquity to collaborations, the uses cases are infinite. Whatӳ your Robot will do with live video streaming server capabilities?

EvoStream for YOUR DEVICE

Use the EvoStream Media Server to empower any device with the capabilities of a feature-rich live video streaming server. The EvoStream Media Server is designed to be extremely lightweight, allowing you to distribute video from even the most resource-constrained devices. Deploy the EvoStream Media Server on your embedded ARM, MIPS or other non-x86 device like RaspberryPi, Snapdragon, DaVinci and many more. What applications are you think of? Now is the time to find out!


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