EvoStream Media Server v1.7 Release Announcement

EvoStream Media Server v1.7 Release Announcement


With the release of the EvoStream Media Server (EMS) version 1.7 EvoStream is bringing LIVE Video Streaming into the modern era! What are the main limitations of live streaming? High Bandwidth Costs for Service Operators, Reliance on outdated browser plugins and High Latency! EMS v 1.7 solves all of these and more!

  • Peer to Peer Streaming!
    Shed the overwhelming cost of bandwidth in your streaming services by streaming directly from your camera/phone/drone/IoT device to browsers, phones and tablets! Move streaming off of your infrastructure while not losing control of your content!
  • Sub-Second HTML5 Streaming!
    Direct SUB-SECOND HTML5 streaming to all Media Source Extension (MSE) enabled browsers and devices (Android, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge and more). No plugins, No custom player, No custom apps! Stream over WebSockets and Peer to Peer channels with extremely low latency!
  • Metadata: Aggregation and Frame-Aligned Delivery!
    Add ANY type of metadata to your stream (pictures, location data, heart rate data, etc) and the EMS will organize it and deliver it in real time interleaved with the video stream. No custom workflows required.

EMS v 1.7 is also introducing real-time Metadata Delivery. We’re talking REAL metadata: Add anything from location data to thumbnail images to heart-rate sensor data.

Take your streaming to the next level with the EvoStream Media Server version 1.7!

Peer to Peer

Live streaming can be incredibly expensive to scale with the vast majority of the cost sunk into bandwidth availability and usage. Peer to Peer streaming moves that cost entirely, or (optionally) partially, off of your infrastructure, immediately and significantly reducing your operating costs.

Peer to peer streaming works best when streaming from devices where the audience is limited. It is absolutely ideal for:

  • Security Cameras and Surveillance

  • Wearables and Body-Worn cameras

  • Drones

  • Telepresence and Robots

  • Many other Video-Enabled IoT devices

Sub-Second HTML5 Streaming

Tired of relying on Flash?

Tired of the ridiculously huge latency of HLS and DASH?

Stream directly to HTML 5 players with under one-second latency using the EMS

The EMS can now stream directly to Media Source Extension (MSE) enabled browsers. Thankfully, almost everything supports MSE! This includes Android, Chrome, Safari (OS X), Firefox and MS Edge.

This HTML5 streaming can be done directly over a WebSocket (traditional server-client based streaming) or via our Peer to Peer connection.

Low Latency Streaming

The EvoStream Media Server can be used in any latency-critical video deployment. The EMS manipulates only one frame at a time before putting it back out on the network. This means that higher frame-rate streams see even LESS latency than lower frame-rate streams!

The EMS serves RTMP, RTSP and it’s new HTML5 delivery with the absolute minimum delay, allowing you to develop complex and robust work flows for scaling and intelligent last-mile delivery. See the difference with EvoStream!

Metadata Delivery

The EMS Metadata delivery system is designed as a robust delivery mechanism for ANY type of data. This goes WAY beyond cue points: location data, images (like thumbnails), heart-rate data, anything! The EMS will automatically associate that data to your streams and deliver it in REAL TIME to all players down-stream. Get the data interleaved into the video or use any one of our custom API’s to get the data in the most convenient way possible.

Other New Features

  • Alias Protection for HTTP based protocols: HLS, DASH, MSS, HDS
  • HTTP Streaming Sessions. Easily track and control each unique client across any HTTP streaming session. Single line logging for simple and accurate production and usage statistics.
  • Akamai HD Ingest Points Supported
  • HLS Resume. Resume old streams, or pickup where you left off when the source temporarily disconnects.
  • W3C Event Logging
  • ASH now fully supports HTML5 players like Dash.js


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