What does EMS stand for?

EMS stands for the EvoStream Media Server.

What does the EvoStream Media Server do?

The EvoStream Media Server can receive many video and/or audio streams of varying format and then serve each of those streams out in any supported format simultaneously. It is, as the name might imply, a Streaming Media Server!

What makes the EvoStream Media Server so special?

The EvoStream Media Server is the most efficient Media Server in the market. It can be run on embedded platforms using small ARM processors or can be used to fully maximize your full-blown server, supporting many Thousands of connections. The EvoStream Media Server architecture allows you to completely saturate your network interfaces, leveraging 100% of your available bandwidth!

Why is the EvoStream Media Server so efficient?

The EvoStream Media Server is written in C++, and has a specially tailored networking layer for every Operating System it runs on. By writing OS specific network layers we ensure that every network packet translation is optimized. Beyond the network layer, the EvoStream Media Server is architected with speed in mind and special care is taken to ensure the absolute minimum processing is done on each packet to reduce memory and processor usage.

So then how efficient is the EvoStream Media Server?

Not all media servers are created equal. The EvoStream Media Server is designed to the core with efficiency in mind. This started with the strategic decision to use the natively compiled C/C++ programming language instead of running on a complex Java platform. As a natively compiled application, the EvoStream Media Server runs faster and makes the best use of your computing resources, whether it’s CPUs, Network Cards or RAM/Memory. On a real-life production system, you can deliver up to 30,000 connections from an I5 CPU before you saturate your CPU.

Does the EvoStream Media Server introduce any delay into my streams?

No! The EvoStream Media Server will hold only about 1 frame’s worth of data (milliseconds of time) before sending it back out. We don’t believe in server side buffering!

Is it possible to obtain an evaluation license, and if so, what are the terms and conditions?

We offer a full featured 30-day trial license for you to experiment with. You can download it directly from our website.

Does the Evaluation Version/License have any feature limitations?

No, the Evaluation Version is full featured and not limited in any way.


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