Answer for How to push live stream from web camera to EMS server?

Hi, Please take a look at OBS-Studio. You can use it to stream from various sources, including your webcam. It is also multi-platform. In settings > stream, set the following: URL: rtmp://<ems_ip_address>:1935/live Stream key: <stream_name or ingest_point> The hasIngestPoints parameter in the EMS configuration file needs to be set properly. See … definition for details. If hasIngestPoints=false in config.lua, the Stream key is the same as the stream name. If hasIngestPoints=true in config.lua, you need to add an ingestPoint first before you can push a stream to EMS. See … est_point/ on how to create an ingest point. Other API commands can be found here: … _contents/ Cheers, Don


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