Answer for Overlay Message

Hi, Please see answers below your questions/requests: Someone wrote:
– show the overlay/watermark message (custom) on X Y coordinates on the video screen dynamically (say on 5th min, 10th min, so on).
The EMS can provide static overlays but not dynamic overlays. Please refer to the Transcoding section of the EMS User Guide for details, specifically Video Overlays – Watermarking. Someone wrote:
– Separate overlays for each stream
This is possible, but may be limited by the number of cores on your machine. The transcoding process is CPU intensive and will typically utilize one core per transcoded stream. Someone wrote:
– controlling the complete streaming (only stream/load 20% if the customer seen first 10%)
I’m not sure what you mean. If you use HLS/HDS/MSS/DASH streaming, downloading is limited to chunk sizes, typically 10 seconds. The chunk size may be reduced if faster startup of playback is required. Someone wrote:
– can we find out the video seen % and loaded % and save the same on database.
For HLS/HDS/MSS/DASH streaming, the playlist contains a list of chunks to be played. As each chunk is played, the EMS sends out event notifications. You could develop a PHP program to detect these events and update your database. Sample PHP code doing event processing are included in our distribution. You can download the sample code and take a look at Web Service Plugins (also known as evowebservices) here: Someone wrote:
– can we resume from last seen (say if i have stopped at 25th min, can i load the video from 26th min?)
We have notifications with timestamps that you can use to determine when playback ended. If you can control your player to start at a given time, then it can conceivably be done. However it needs some programming on your part to process the notifications from EMS and to use the info from the notifications to determine your player’s start time. Someone wrote:
– the videos should not be downloadable
We do have aliasing that can obscure stream names before making them playable. An alias is usable for only one time. If somebody copies the alias name, he/she cannot replay the same stream using the same alias. Someone wrote:
– the videos should not be recordable.
This depends on your player. If you use a DRM-capable player, such as one from Verimatrix, you can ensure that HLS streams can only be played back using DRM-capable players without record buttons. The media files are encrypted and, even if captured using special tools, can only be viewed using decryption keys obtained from a secure key server. Someone wrote:
– stream ads at particular intervals, say 30th min, 60th min and 90th min.
We do have server-side playlists that can be manipulated on-the-fly to insert ads. Please take a look at the Server-Side Playlists section of the EMS User Guide. Someone wrote:
– viewer cannot bypass ads.
The short answer is no. But if you can hide the player controls when playing back specific parts of a server-side playlist, it may be possible, but it requires work on your part. Cheers, Don


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