The EvoStream Media Server On Devices

EvoStream Media Server empower your product to become a fully featured live video streaming server on its own. EvoStream Media Server is designed to be extremely lightweight, allowing you to distribute video from even the most resource constrained devices! It runs on many embedded devices built using Raspberry Pi, Snapdragon, DaVinci, ARM, MIPS and many more. A 400 mHz ARM processor with 4MB RAM will support at least 10 concurrent streams. It’s easily to integrated into any platform using the EvoStream API and EvoStream Web Services.

Here are some example of architecture and services.

Peer to Peer

  • Your product can stream peer to peer with NAT Traversal.

Local Rebroadcast

  • Stream a single Stream From Cloud and redistribute to many screen from your product.

Custom Content Distribution

  • Push to a CDN Service
  • Run your own CDN Service
  • Unpackage and Run ease of use

Edge Streaming

  • Your product can stream peer to peer with NAT Traversal.
  • Stream to cloud for wider distribution and storage/recording.
  • Have all cameras send to a “master” camera for distribution or have all cameras capable of sending locally and to the cloud.
  • Enable full “Edge Streaming” of your cameras.
  • Local streaming, no need for internet connectivity.


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