The EvoStream Media Server on Your Servers

The EvoStream Media Server can be run on virtually any platform. For standard operating systems like Linux, Windows, MacOSX and BSD.
The EvoStream Media Server can reduce your server loads while increasing your media streaming capacity. This, in addition to removing the patching and maintenance of Java from your environment, results in significant reductions in your cost per stream, cost per client and total cost of ownership.
The EvoStream Media Server is not just about saving you money. EvoStream also wants you to be able to effectively protect, manage and monetize your content. To accomplish this, the EvoStream Media Server includes all of the following features at no extra cost:

Load Balancing

Web Services provide an extensible backend to manage your load balancing strategy.
Lazy Pull allows you to only forward content when there is a current active viewer, hugely reducing overall bandwidth.
Auto Forwarding to your different POPs to maintain content continuity.

Securing your content

Stream Aliasing gives you complete control over who can view your content and when.
Verimatrix DRM is fully integrated for securing your HLS streams.
HLS AES encryption provides a secure way of encrypting your content without having to pay for an external DRM service.
RTMPS provides secure encrypted connections with Flash players.
Watermarking: Discourage redistribution with custom watermarking.


Paywalls can be easily integrated into the EMS to ensure only your paying customers can access your premium content.
Ad insertion is included for no additional fee. Use Server Side Playlists to schedule ad playback or even insert content on the fly.
Watermarking (freemium) can be used to both protect your content but to also introduce incentives to your customers to purchase paid services. Watermarking is great in “Freemium” product models.


No managing java No JRE, no garbage collection or cache maintenance, and no more Java Security Patches!
400% more connections per server Unrivaled efficiency allows you to use cheaper hardware and serve more customers. Grow your business while reducing your cost per stream.
Linear, predictable growth It is important to understand the impact a growing customer base will have on your computing resources. With the EMS load planning is easy and straightforward. Calculate your computing needs with confidence.
Saturate your network bandwidth with lower-end (and cheaper) hardware. Reduce capital investments and concentrate on what really matters, growing your business!


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