audio only

audio only

admin Staff asked 7 years ago
One other question. If I have an audio only stream, what are the correctly options for transcoding that, that it will play. I can get it to transcode into a new stream, but it doesn’t play. It’s I have both video and audio, that works fine transcoding it

1 Answers
Don answered 7 years ago


Please check the following documents for transcoding on EMS:

Here are some examples:
transcode source=rtsp://source_ip1:554/source_stream1 groupName=mygroup1 audioBitrates=80k destinations=mystream1
transcode source=rtmp://source_ip2/live/source_stream2 groupName=mygroup2 audioBitrates=copy audioChannelsCounts=1 destinations=rtmp://destination_ip:server_port targetStreamNames=mystream2



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