autoHLS streams to S3 bucket

autoHLS streams to S3 bucket

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rkleemann asked 8 years ago
I’ve configured config.ini for the [AmazonHLSUpload] web service but does anyone know what the S3 URL is to access the m3u8 HLS playlist file?

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toni answered 8 years ago

hi! you need to generate the S3 url
Try to read this link:
How to Generate URL for Amazon S3 files?

toni answered 8 years ago

Yes. You should be able to play the playlist.m3u8

I tried it on our S3, I can play the m3u8 file.

Sample Link: EMS SAMPLE BUCKET]/03/playlist.m3u8

(This is just a sample you cannot access this link.)

The above link was set to a permission that Everyone can OPEN/DOWNLOAD. Check this on your amazon s3 account.

Sorry about that, I thought by S3 URL you want to have a public url that other users can access to that’s why I recommended an Amazon S3 UI.

toni answered 8 years ago
hi, 03 is the groupName – The name assigned to the HLS stream or group. If the localStreamNames parameter contains only one entry and groupName is not specified, groupName will have the value of the input stream name

in autoHLS, groupName would be automatically named autoHLS… i think…..


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