Cannot connect to my web browser

Cannot connect to my web browser

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admin Staff asked 8 years ago
I have successfully pointed it to the licence file and the server seems to be running. But I cant not connect to it via my web browser. Also it seems to have somehow decided the web server is C:\xampp\htdocs (which is not true obviously) My computer is a Toshiba Ultrabook. 8GB ram. 64 Bit Windows 10. Core M-5Y71 CPU @1.3GHz My initial test is to try and stream my web cam. A description of what I eventually want to do is on my blog here Any help would be appreciated.

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Don answered 8 years ago

Hi Frank,

From your blog, it looks like you have quite a number of interesting projects. For starters, you can use the EMS Web UI to just try out a few basic functions of the EMS. You can find instructions here:
Note: You’ll need to use our API to do more advanced stuff.

The EMS has a built-in web server called EWS. The EWS is configured separately from the EMS. Its configuration file is webconfig.lua found in the config folder of the EMS. The web root folder defaults to “..\evo-webroot” for Windows EWS. For default install settings, this translates to “C:\Evostream\evo-webroot\webconfig.lua”.
Note: In the configuration file, each backslash (“\”) in a path is represented by a double-backslash (“\\”).
For details on the EWS, please check chapters 10 and 14 of the EMS User Guide:

In order to stream from your webcam to the EMS, you can use 3rd-party software like:
> FMLE –
> WireCast –
> OBS –
While several customers have tried these products, we don’t provide direct technical support for them.



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