Cannot VIew Stream

Cannot VIew Stream

admin Staff asked 8 years ago
Here are the steps I\’m going through (after installation and set up):i. Running \’run_console_ems.bat\’ii. Opening a telnet port \’telnet localhost 1112\’iii. Using a software (webcam monitor 6) to broadcast my webcam to a private IP Address(192.168.x.x)iv. Pulling the stream to the ems server – pullStream uri=rtmp://192.168.x.x localStreamName=RTMPTest0 or pullStream uri=rtsp://192.168.x.x localStreamName=RTSPTest0v. Playing the stream using VLC – rtmp:// or rtsp:// however cannot view the stream. Any suggestions on what I\’m doing wrong? Or any feedback would be really helpful.

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Don answered 8 years ago

Hi techq,

Please check your source stream codecs and the playback URIs:
a) Before doing step 3, try playing your source stream using VLC:
vlc uri_of_source_stream

While your source stream is playing on VLC, click Tools, Codec Information to check the codecs of your source stream.
The video codec should be H.264 and the audio codec should be AAC in order for the source stream to be compatible with the EMS.
Otherwise you need to use the Transcode command to make it compatible with EMS (see

b) After doing step 3, assuming that your source stream is H.264/AAC, try playing your EMS stream using VLC:
vlc rtmp://
vlc rtsp://

Note: The RTMP URI has “live” between the IP and the streamname.
The RTSP URI has port “5544” between the IP and the streamname.
See for details.



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